A 16th century animal farm

Before we start telling you all about this beautiful abandoned home i want to state that all the pictures are made by Soul photography

The courtyard of a 16th century farm, that is what you are looking at!

In this weeks documentary, we take you back to simpler times. In these times peoples lives consisted of feeding the animals, eating potatoes for dinner and talking about the weather. This used to be the farm of the family meulders, the place got abandoned around the year 2000 but I don’t know the exact date and cause of the abandoning.

In this place, there used to live a family of around 6-7 people. Back in the day, it was very common to have big families. For the parents, it was easier because they had more hands to help on the farm and the only thing they had to do is feed the children in return. The people that used to live in this place where also very religious, all over the place you can find little artefacts of religion and Christianity. That is something we don’t see anymore in modern days, at least not in Belgium.

Before you are gonna watch the video of this place I wanna state that we had to rush a little bit because this place was on police surveillance. We hope you still enjoy the video and thank you for watching it in advance 🙂

If you want to see more pictures of the place head over to soulphotography his page! http://www.soulphotography.be/project/ferme-de-maraichage/

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  1. I like it when you take time in the kitchens of your explores. The kitchens from other times and places fascinate me. Love you guys.

    • I like to go through the kitchens as well. Very interesting and different places than we are used to nowadays.

  2. Such a beautiful place! Looking at these photos and watching your video brings such a peace to my mind. Helps me go back to happier simpler days. Thank you both for your efforts and for being so respectful of these beautiful places! Stay safe.

  3. Loveable Animals

    I often watch your videos because of you alone. You are a gentle soul with a loving heart and that is rare these days! You treat the properties with respect too. Don’t ever change! If and when you get married, your wife will be a very lucky woman to have such a gentle soul by her side.

    We love the exploration videos too!!!

  4. What a wonderful glimpse into this lovely old farm and seeing how they might have lived their simpler lifestyle. It is very apparent that you appreciate the opportunity to see all of the beautiful items still there, and thanks for sharing them with us,

  5. The stainless steel piece with the handle on the top is part of the milking machine the part that collects the milk , it hangs from a belt under the cow

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