Abandoned 19th Century Victorian House

Before we start telling you all about this beautiful abandoned home i want to state that all the pictures are made by Wim van de Water

On this explore, we explored a very old abandoned Victorian house of the 19th century.

The Dining Room

 We had almost half an hour to explore the old building since the owner lived there, we planned to start from the top of the building then go down the building and then immediately move out. There was a lot of vintage belonging that was really awesome to rummage through and get a quick glimpse of the past. First we came across a bedroom most probably a child’s bedroom there was an old closet with nothing inside it anymore. In that bedroom we saw a night stand which showed that the person which used to live there was really rich. There was no more electricity connection anymore. The building was really huge, there were about five to six staircases with a curtain on them. We also came across a baby’s room with a child’s cot in it. The building was really old since even the tapestry from the walls was peeling off and we also came across a newspaper from 1978 in that baby’s room. There was also a book closet in that room with some books in it which included a bible. The people who lived in that house were probably firm believers of God since there were a lot of bibles and crosses in that house. There were about thousands of books in that house and an enormous number of paintings as well. There were a lot of rooms, seemed like hundreds of rooms one after and another. There were a lot of bathrooms as well but their condition was rotten it seemed like no one looks after them anymore.

One of the bedrooms

We also found a sort of hobby room with a very old camera, a Jesus Christ and a map hung on the wall. In every corner and every room of the house we found something special like in one room there were very unique and interesting beds. We also found a sewing machine in another room, we were really amazed that the threads etc. were still there placed beside the sewing machine. We usually find sewing machines of “Singer” in such old abandoned homes but this time it was “Pfaff” though we found a “Singer” appliance in another room but it was not a sewing machine it was sort a dryer. The house belonged to very rich people since the details of the house depicted rich Victorian culture. Everything from the ceilings to tapestries to heavy chandeliers were really expensive for the era. There was a fireplace in every room with copper designing on them and on every fireplace there were figurines and other old rich decoration stuff.

A few marble statues
What a beautiful picture

We had a great time exploring that old abandoned home which depicted rich Victorian culture of the 19th century. More ever we took some incredible photos. It cannot get any better than that!

Don’t forget to check out Wim van de water his page he provided us with the pictures Wim van de Water

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  1. Hello and God bless
    I enjoy your videos. I love the history left behind each one. I am a fan of old history and antiques. You and your crew just be careful entering old places. Thank you for sharing with us in America.


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