Abandoned Home of the Kirsch Family from World War II

Before we start telling you all about this beautiful abandoned home i want to state that all the pictures are made by Soul photography

On this explore we explored an abandoned farm house in Lukens burgh where a Kirsch family lived. The family consisting of parents and three kids died supposedly in World War II. The house is abandoned ever since after.

One of the bedroom’s

We started with a room filled with pots on the racks containing food of that era. There were also many empty bottles of liquor on the table. Then we moved towards the hallway which led to the second floor of the house. On the ceiling of the hallway there was a beautiful white chandelier and the paint was chipping off. There was also a rack to dry clothes. The stair way was broken and decayed. It seemed that it will crack down anytime while moving upstairs. On the second floor we found a closet with some minor things in it. The floor leading to the first bedroom of the house was covered with books. The first bedroom of the house was of a child with two old child beds and a stove for heating since in that era there was no centralized heating in that era. After that we explored the master bedroom of the house. The bed was still in a good state. There was also a dress of the women hanging on the door of the closet. There was a basic gas stove in this room also. There was a dressing table as well where the mother used to dress up in the morning. We then explored the third bedroom of the house which was a child’s bedroom having big bulky single bed made of oak. The mattress in that era were made of horse hair. There was also a brass chandelier.  The last bedroom of the room was a really small one maybe for the smallest child with a small bed and chandelier with a beautiful wallpaper. In a room there was also a school bench belonging to one of the child with handwritten notes placed on it. We also noticed a muddle airplane on one of the tables which was really cool most probably one of the child used to play with it. A hover was placed in the middle of the hallway and the door of the hallway was now owned by spider webs.  The thing which caught our attention in the home was a beautiful bicycle, it was a really nice one although with rust on it.

The desk of Mr. Kirsh

It was really an amazing home and we loved exploring it. The part which we loved the most was that we visited that place four times and it’s still the same like it was two years back when we first explored it. We really appreciate that people have great respect for other people’s property there.

A Politique and Administratif book
A coffee grinder

Don’t forget to check out Soulphotography his page he provided us with the pictures Soul photography

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  1. I love your videos. Your respect for these homes is so very admirable. I can’t post on YouTube for some reason-I always get an error message so I love telling you how much I love them.

  2. I love your videos. Your respect for these homes is so very admirable. I can’t post on YouTube for some reason-I always get an error message .

    • Thank you Gerry the support is very welcome!

      • Hey Guys,
        I live in Luxembourg and I want to ask you if you can tell me the location of the Kirsch‘s House?? I take pictures of many Lost Places, I would love to see this location so the House would tell me his story pls pls text me . And Continue with your amazing videos . 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Your videos allow me to go back in time. So incredible.

  4. Enjoy your videos a lot

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