Abandoned Home Untouched for 20 Years from a Belgian Couple

Before we start telling you all about this beautiful abandoned home i want to state that all the pictures are made by Soul photography

As you all know we love exploring abandoned homes and this time it was an abandoned home untouched for 20 years belonging to a Belgian couple who used to live there with their child. The home was abandoned since 2009. The women died first when she was around 69 years of age, after her death the man lived in that home but after sometime he shifted to a house nearby it. The abandoned home was filled with their pictures some belonging to their wedding day others belonging to their early marriage era.

It was a beautiful small home untouched for a pretty long time since it was filled with cob webs. We started from the living room which contained comfy sofas, a fire place, pictures of the couple placed here and there, a TV and some cupboards. We found a sugar-free coffee in one of its cupboard that really caught our attention. We also found an old and rotten sewing machine in another room. After the living room we came across the bedroom of the couple. It contained an old-fashioned sofa but the bed seemed pretty much of the present era since it was very small for two people. The closet was still filled with the clothes of the women which she left behind. A door in the bedroom led to the child’s bedroom so the parents and child’s bedroom were interconnected which showed that they did not bothered much about their privacy. The child’s bedroom was really small and was covered with spider webs indicating that it was untouched for a long time. There was a room in the house with a coal stove which they used to cook food. In that room we also saw a really old vacuum cleaner named “Sniff”. The hallway’s door was covered with cob webs which meant that nobody entered it since ages. One thing which was very captivating in the hallway was a glass doll with a kid whose head was broken, the kid seemed more like a zombie because of the broken head.

At the end we explored the kitchen which was really basic for the time. It was a really old-school type of a kitchen. It included oven, toaster and other appliances present in every kitchen. Eating utensils were still present in the cabinet.  We had a great time exploring that home and capturing its abandoned state.

Don’t forget to check out Soulphotography his page he provided us with the pictures Soul photography

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  1. This is a very lovely photograph. It reminds me of a Cezanne still life, because of the way the material or cloth is draped. It would make a very nice drawing!

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