Château Cinderella

Before we start telling you all about the Castle I want to state that all the pictures are made by Lotte Van De Pol Jordy’s girlfriend. Give her website a visit after reading the blog:

There are some places that we like to explore even more than abandoned houses. You guessed it right, those are abandoned castles. They are actually like houses but than exponentially bigger and with deeper and richer history. Whenever We go out and explore castles We always learn about the history of a powerful king or of a big business tycoon. But with this castle it was quite different.

Backside Of Chateau Cindrella

This picture says it all, here you can see the backside of the castle. This has been transformed into a hotel driveway, over here they would unload the bags of the guests. This castle had been transformed into a Restaurant/Hotel for the wealthy of the world. It was known under the mainstream people of the area as the place where the rich reside and enjoy themselves. The hotel itself was not very big, we counted around 8 rooms. All the rooms where super luxurious and had all the amenities that you would ever hope for. From wooden floors to marble fireplaces, they where present in each and every room.

After some exploring in and around the place we found a bill on the flour of one of the rooms. It stated: 180.000Fr this is the old currency of Belgium from before 1999. We converted it to Euro and the total amount is 4462.09 Euro. If we saw it clearly this was for around a stay of 3 days. So you could say that residing in this place was not a cheap experience.

Now we hear you guys thinking, why on earth if a place was this expensive and well known would it ever fall into a state of decay like that? The reason for this is that the owner had taken on so many different business projects besides his hotel. Most of the projects he did weren’t as successful as the hotel and they would end up costing him a fortune. After some time he was forced to close down the hotel and sell it. Nevertheless he ended up asking millions for the place and it never got sold. In 2016 it has been sold but the state of decay is so bad that the only thing they can do with this place is tear it down.

Entrance hall of the Hotel

There was one room in the hotel that really caught our eye. This was a children room and it has the red wool rug in it and also a children bed. Me and my brother found this the most beautiful room in the entire hotel. And when we walked into the room the wind was blowing into the curtains, this made the room extra spooky, as you can see it in the video below.

The history of the castle itself dates back to around 1850 when it was build. But unfortunately there is that much info to be found around the internet of this place. We had an amazing time exploring this place and loved every second of it!

Have fun watching the video:

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  1. I really love your videos and I really appreciate the enthusiasm you put doing it. ?

  2. Wow guys like the website and the history behind the abandoned place.
    Keep up the hard work with videos.
    Enjoy watching them.
    Christa Williams
    Kemah Texas USA

  3. This site is a great addition to your videos. Thanks for providing your fans with even more fantastic information. You must like to be busy!

  4. You are doing a wonderful job at preserving history as well. Some of the places you’ve been will be gone forever but preserved by what you do.

  5. Me emocionan tus videos me transportan a ese tiempo me da nostalgia ver cómo queda todo en el olvido y digo que pasaría con estás familias que todo lo dejan abandonado a la suerte mi nombre es Ana

  6. Good job guys
    Keep up the great work
    Fan from Malaysia😉

  7. Enjoy your videos and appreciate the respect you show to the sites.
    I’ve never explored abandoned places and at 68, doubt if I’ll be starting now, so glad that you’re giving me this experience. !!!

    Wear a mask. Enjoy your work too much for you to get sick!

  8. I stayed there on a business trip to Mons in 1991, it was so nice. I bathed in that tub shown at the 4:50 minute mark. I found a card this weekend that I picked up when I stayed there so I did a search today (11/26/2019) finding this video. I have pictures taken in my room and of that bathroom, which I would be happy to share. I always wanted to go back and stay there, I’m in shock that this has happened to such a beautiful place!

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