Maison Du Lieutenant

Before we start telling you all about this beautiful abandoned home i want to state that all the pictures are made by: Soul photography

Homes get abandoned for many different reasons… Sometimes it is because the owner died or they could not afford to stay in that particular place anymore. But the abandoning of this home is very different. The owners of this place just could not live in this place anymore. They were compulsive hoarders and filled up their home to the brim with random stuff. To the point that it was too late… They had spent so much money on hoarding that they were in depth and had to leave the home and sell it.

Bedroom completely filled with stuff

Under the exploring community this place is called maison de 3 suisses which is french for “The home of the three rooms”. And that is a very accurate name because there were only 3 accessible rooms felt in this place. Like the picture you see above and you also see it in the video. Most of the rooms contain an abundance of random stuff. Things that the owners collected over the years and they just could not get rid of because it had value for them. We might not understand what is going on in these peoples there mind but for them this all seems very normal.

One of the three livable rooms.

This place is situated in the country side of the Belgian mountain region. It got abandoned in 1991 and at that point only the man of the house was left over. I did some research inside of the home and found out that the name of the man was “Gilbert”. There was no clue to what happened to the woman of the place, but they were both very old and I guess that she passed away some time before 1991.

Gilbert and his wife <3

This picture was on the wall of the bedroom. You can see them togheter roming around the countryside with there dogs.

The bedroom of the place.

This was the only livable room upstairs. There was a small passageway of around 60 cm (2 feet) Where you had to make your way through to get to the bedroom. Everything was just left in the state that it was when the home got abandoned in 1991. The clothes were still hanging in the closet and even the medicine of the owners were still on the nightstand.

I also want to share this beautiful picture of the singer sewing machine that was left in this place. What a beauty! Have fun watching the video about this place. Kisses Lesley and Jordy

Don’t forget to check out Soulphotography his page he provided us with the pictures Soul photography

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  1. What a very touching story. Let’s hope they had a good life.

  2. this is amazing

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