Maison of the Philosopher

Sometimes we encounter places that just blow our minds. Just like this house where the people that lived here had vanished from our beautiful planet. As you can see above, the table was still made, all the furniture still inside and even the dirty clothes were still in the washing machine… But this was not a alarming disappearance but rather a story of a mentally ill person who was forced out of her home..

When we were inside the house we had no clue what happened to this place or who lived in it, but when we left we were stopped by the mayor of the town. First, we were scared that he would be really mad at us for going inside the place, but he was actually very friendly.

He invited us over for a cup of coffee and we had a nice talk about the town and it’s ever shrinking population. He told us that people were moving to the bigger cities and that the price of the houses had fallen to under 10000 euro. Nobody wanted to live there anymore because there were no job opportunities. Then we talked a little bit about the history of the house we filmed.

The house had been abandoned since around 2002. It was inhabited by a female philosopher, who also had a big interest in art and painting. The unfortunate thing was that this woman became mentally unstable and unable to live alone in this place. From time to time she would go insane and do crazy things. One time she wrote a whole text on the walls of her dining room. At that point, her family decided that it was enough and brought her to a mental institution.

The home was a very beautiful place, it was more a manoir(big villa) and it even had a watchtower that you can see in the video. I counted four bedrooms in the place with around 6 beds in total. Most family members are still alive and take care of there mother at the moment.

I could not find out what happened to her husband but I did find an orbituary that stated that he died in the ’90s. It is just an assumption because we don’t know the name of the husband or have any information about him.

A few more pictures of the place for you guys and we are going to link the documentary below on youtube. Have fun watching it 🙂 XxLesley and JordyxX

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