Marcel, The story of his life…

Before we start telling you all about this beautiful abandoned home i want to state that all the pictures are made by Soul photography

Marcel, a man who had ended up at the end of his life, alone in a castle that was too big for him and had too many memories reminding him of the ever-present past. In the year 2006 Marcel decided that he had enough of it, on a particular day that year Marcel packed all his bags and left to be never seen again. He went on a world trip and died somewhere abroad the people around him believe that he had last been seen in Thailand.

When we walked upon the property of this castle we were amazed by the architectural style of this castle, never in my life had I seen a castle with this appearance before. The castle has a neo-gothic style and has been constructed around the 19th century. What we found most spectacular are the 4 towers on each corner of the place. They transform the place from an ordinary villa into a spectacular castle.

Marcel the owner of the castle did not live alone in this place, he had a family of five children and we counted around 6 bedrooms in total. On the top floor, we even encountered a children’s bedroom. There were also many wedding and family pictures around the place. It was sad to see how a castle that once flourished with life has been deserted over time.

Marcel was a wealthy man in the heyday of his life, he was a typical French man. To provide for his family, he had a prosperous wine distributing business and from the profits of it, he provided for his family. All around the castle you can find little artefacts of this occupation. The reason why he ended up alone is unknown to us. we want to thank Marcel for his life and we hope the world trip was worth it. What an amazing place!

Have fun watching the documentary! We love you all… <3

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  1. I just love the compassion you have, when your doing your video’s. Hearing the history behind this castle, makes you think aboRebecca McCuneut what life was like for the family living there. You do a beautiful job on your video’s.

  2. You guys just get better all the time.

  3. What of Marcel’s children? Is anything known about them?

  4. Hi guys! I love abandoned homes videos & yours are THE best! Your compassion for the ppl who once lived there & the way you explain objects around the homes are priceless. You guys are by far the most professional team I’ve ever watched. What kind of careers do you brothers have besides videoing abandoned homes? Your photography is also very professional. I wouldn’t be surprised to find you two hosting a big time TV show one day. Keep it up. You guys are AWESOME!

  5. You guys are absolutely THE BEST out there exploring our past history and the lives who have touched our world. You are truly kind and respectful souls and I LOVE your accent, especially when you say “mill-ik” 😂 for “milk”, so cute !! Keep up your awesome videos, enjoying your Japan clips right now. Have a wonderful, wonderful journey. Cheers from Chicago ❤️

  6. Miranda osborne

    I really love your videos thank you for sharing,the stories behind the abandoned houses are great, your videos are getting better all the time,some of the art works and antiques are beautiful, the way people lived is amazing big beds,old tables I absolutely love the older style and to see houses trapped in time are amazing to see

  7. Sookie Driscoll

    Great video. The chair in the child’s bedroom at the end of your tour is called a highchair and it is used mainly for feeding babies and toddlers

    Do you know why these abandoned homes are so terribly trashed? Vandles? There must be a relative or two who can claim the contents at least. Can’t the banks or some authorities auction the buildings and contents before their trashed?

  8. I have been having dreams of this house, can you please contact me? I’d love to know more about it.

  9. Excellent video. Nicely done. One question, what was the mans full name? Is his home for sale now. Will it ever be restored before it decays too much? We lose too many landmarks, especially here in the states. Good luck in all of your endeavors.

  10. Fascinating, and here is my grateful thank you for caring enough to investigate these curious lives-and for those who want to criticize, that’s just you complaining about yet another thing. Let these guys be to do a respectful job of showing us the past!

  11. I love the way you appreciate the history, the antiques and the personal items. I am an old home owner, antique nut and collector and love your episodes! (Spokane, WA, USA)

  12. So Divine, so sad none of the 5 children came back to restore the Castle omg seriously that’s sad. How did Marcel get sick of living alone…. Didn’t he have grandkids or birthdays etc to fill up his time. So many questions 😃 sorry I’m just super curious 🤩 if my father owned that I would seriously clean it up & restore live in it 💖

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