Mister Robert his abandoned Mansion

Before we start telling you all about this beautiful abandoned Castle we want to state that all the pictures are made by https://www.facebook.com/WimvandeWaterFotografie/

Somewhere deep in the countryside of France, between the fields and forests. There we found a little village with only a few streets and a few dozen people left. In the middle of the village behind a rusted gate lays an incredible abandoned Castle that used to be in the ownership of the alchemist Robert.

This man had a true passion for alchemy you can see it throughout his abandoned mansion. In almost every room you can find little artefacts that date back to his past as an alchemist.

But that was not everything! Besides his passion for alchemy, Robert was also fascinated by painting and drawing. This you can see all throughout the Castle, every room that you enter you can find dozens of paintings and drawings that he made himself. And the most fascinating thing was the attic, I first thought that there was nothing on there but wow was i wrong! But for the attic you are gonna have to watch the video below 🙂

Robert his painting/relaxing room

Now I hear you guys thinking. Did this man live alone in this place? No of course not, he lived here together with his wife and a few children. I do not know how many children he had but there were 4 bedrooms so I guess around 2-3 children.

I am gonna say it once more! What an incredible place was this! I really enjoyed exploring this one and I am glad to check it of my to-do list. It is fascinating to come across a place that represents the history and the passion of the owner like this one. I am gonna rate this place 10/10.

Definetly check out the walkthrough documentary we made about the place

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  1. Hello Bros Of Decay,
    Video says “Video Unavailable” when
    I try to watch but it could be my phone. I love all of your videos and your thoughtful kind manner and respect. You are awesome!

  2. Love you’re videos. If you ever get to the states I can show you some awesome spots in Tennessee! I live very close to the abandoned town of elkmont, tn.

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