Perucilar French Castle

A look in the lives of a French family that lived in another century

This adventure takes us back to one of the most historical countries in the world, France. Hidden deep in the countryside, rests a castle that has been left behind by its owners at least a few decades ago. All their wonderful furnishings and belonging are still present and have been gathering dust over the years that have passed by,…

To afford such a grand castle and furnish every room one must have great wealth, the family that once owned this place were associated and had shares in the company “l’illustration”. This was a weekly french newspaper that was produced from 1843 until 1944, all through the home were stacks of these papers, we even found issues of this paper from 1884.

The wealth that they accumulated with their stake in this company is seen all through the mansion, every room is designed meticulously. EXCEPT, for the room where the servants of the family used to sleep. Below we give you a comparison of the servant’s room compared to the master bedroom of the place.

Servants Bedroom

19th Century servants bedroom in a French castle

Master Bedroom

19th Century master bedroom in a French castle

Throughout the place, we can get an even broader glance of how extravagant the family used to live in this place. In the following 2 pictures, the Reading room and the leisure room are depicted.

Reading room
Leisure Room

When we look at the kitchen of the castle, a place where the servants would mostly work and the owners would only occasionally come. Yet again we can see this star contrast coming back.


Get a full tour of this wonderful place over on Youtube and let yourself be amazed by the former times.

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