The house of separation

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For this week’s story, we take you back to France. As you probably already know France is an enormous country and has countless small villages where only a few residents live. Inside one of these villages, we found a Manor left behind and forgotten by its former owners Sylvie and Bertrau.

Bertrau was a person who loved to spend time around people and enjoyed a busy city life. Sylvie, on the other hand, was somebody who adored the countryside and wanted to live far away from the big city center. After making some compromises Bertrau decided that he loved Sylvie too much and they bought a house together somewhere far away from the city in the French countryside.

The living room

The picture you see above is of their living room. The house got abandoned around Christmas time because you see that there is still some Christmas decorations left above the fireplace. We believe Sylvie lived here the longest and she died of old age.

Bertrau his field of study was stockbroker but he could not pursue that in the countryside so he re-educated himself and started a bakery together with his wife Sylvie. They ran this place for years and were also quite happy together in their beautiful manor. After some time they even got a child together and were also thinking about a second one. But the bakery consumed all their time so they had bearly any time for their first child a second one would not be feasible.

This is the outside of the backery

Then tides started to turn. The financial crisis hit in France and many workers from the small towns were left without a job. Most of them decided to move to the bigger cities to look for work. Their bakery business started to slow down and now Sylvie and Bertrau found themself in financial trouble. Fights between them started to happen more frequently and eventually, they decided it was better for both of them to get separated.

Sylvie’s Bedroom.

Bertrau was not happy with his life on the countryside and made a big decision to move a few hundred miles away from Sylvie and his child and go pursue his dreams in Paris. He still had contact with them throughout the years and visited frequently. They even had a special bedroom for when Betrau used to visit them. The child moved back and forth between Paris and his hometown to visit his parents until he eventually moved out and started to live on his own.

Bertrau his bedroom

Sylvie lived in this place until she eventually passed away from old age in the year 2007. We don’t know what happened to mister Bertrau after Sylvie passed away. The house has now been abandoned for 13 years and it seems like nobody cares about it anymore… The floors are bending and some rooms are in an incredible state of decay. But what is most interesting in this place is that the electricity still runs and we can turn on the lights… So somebody still has to pay the electricity bill! Maybe it is Bertrau! GO WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

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  1. The quality is so great and yet I know you have to hasten the video up- we would love to see more pause over the scenes, but time is of essence! Thanks for getting the stories for us and explaining everything with your usual reverence, Lesley. Music is good and not too loud. As you have heard before, places in America would not sit for years without being ransacked and defaced.

  2. Don’t be surprised to find a baker that reads a lot. 🙂 You can most certainly find well read people in jobs where you don’t expect to find them (although they are usually few and far between), and from what I can tell from their story, these people only became bakers by accident/some turn of life. I wish you some times went more in close-up to the bookshelves or shelves with films. As a big reader and film fan myself, I always like to explore the titles I see in other people’s homes when I see they are big readers/film fans as well. From what I could tell here, there was a bit of everything: detectives (Simenon, very famous Belgian writer), the books “in plastic” were stuff like Camus and Sartre, philosophical novels, then also a little bit of lecture to counter the more literary stuff they usually read,… Big readers, no doubt.
    I also loved the old electricity plug behind the bedstand, they call it a “kattekop” in Belgium. It’s this small T-shaped device that you can use to make 1 plug into 3. It’s been forbidden by Belgian law because of very obvious fire safety issues (already banned since somewhere in the 80’s I believe), but it’s very typical to find them in older houses in France and Belgium.
    Great video guys!! keep up the excellent work !!

  3. Toni Stinchcomb

    My favorite Youtube videos by far. I love watching your videos.

  4. I am a older woman who is near 70 of age, I just want to tell you that I think you have a beautiful heart, I am very close to our Lord and at times I see Jesus in you when you are compassionate about the people you talk about, I want you to know that I pray for you and what you share with people on your youtube when you’re showing these homes and all the religious pictures they are so beautiful, Christ sees what you’re doing and believe me it helps people to see those pictures! God be with you!

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