The Maison of B&J

Before we start telling you all about this beautiful abandoned home i want to state that all the pictures are made by Soul photography

Jordy started yelling from upstairs, “Lesley come immediately I have found an amazing location”. I jumped up from the couch and with all the might in my legs, I sprinted up the stairs. There Jordy was standing in front of the time machine and he was looking at a farm home Somewhere deep on the beautiful countryside of Belgium, the date on the time machine readed 1975. There was a bright flash of light and suddenly we found ourselves in the abandoned farm home of Mister Antoon.

Jordy yelled at me for pushing the red button on the time machine and said we would never be able to get back… I said to him “Calm down my brother now we have the opportunity to film this amazing home for our fans”

This was Mister Antoon on the right, We don’t know who the women to the left is but the picture looks like it is from another time period. We discussed it and we think it might be his mother. Antoon was known around the neighborhood as a very kind and preserved man. He owned this farm and also had a few animals, We are not sure of his occupation but the farm was too small to be a full-time farmer.

Mister Antoon lived in this amazing place with his 2 children and his
astonishing wife. It must have been a lovely and warm place when it was occupied by them. When we walking into the place you could feel the presence of joy and happiness in the home. We were in love with this place every second we were inside of it.

The bedrooms in this place where beautiful so much decay and detail in these. We could not believe our eyes when we walked inside of them. The bedroom you see on the Right was from mister Antoon and his wife. There where a lot of details present in the bedroom. In front of the bed, there was a singer Adler sewing machine. This was a post war time heavy duty leather sewing machine, These where made in Germany. Unfortiunatly when we went there to film the place somebody had stolen the machine. You will see that in the video… So unfortiuantly

What a beauty!

To wrap up the blog post i want to give you a perspective of the outside of the farm house.

Experience the full exploration of this place with us on YouTube

If you are intrested to see more pictures head over to Soul photography

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  1. I recently found your videos on Youtube, and I am enjoying them. They provide me with much to reflect upon. I haven’t found much beauty in decay, except for the naturalness and inevitability of it. However, I do find videos and pictures showing the growth of moss and plants covering over the past to be beautiful. It shows the rebirth of life over the past. You are always so respectful of the people and the homes. Please accept my gratitude for that and for your artistic endeavors. I have you idea what you guys are studying at the university, but I’m sure you will be successful!

    Again, thank you from Tennessee in the United States!

    • Thank you Janice, We love to do this and as you say it is nature taking over from the people again. We both study Information technology. Kr Lesley – Belgium

  2. Not only very good looking,or somy grandma would say(ez on the eyes but so enjoy able to watch your respect of all things you show to us For thouse of us who will probably never get to go to such wonderful places I thank you so keep it comming your fabulous!!!

  3. It is strangely calming to watch your exploration of the past. You are refreshingly respectful of the homes, and families that worked to provide the future for us. Thank you. I also wanted to mention that it would be interesting if you parted the curtains to give is a view of the outdoors. And it is most appreciated when the camera light is on even when natural light pours into the room, because the natural light only gives us your silhouette. Thanks again from CA!

  4. Thank you for putting up all your fabulous videos on YouTube. We love watching them!

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